A Warning of the “Selfie”

Everyone who enjoys making the infamous duckface for a little ‘Selfie’ once in a while should take a look at this fun video by Andy Martin. Martin describes it as ‘a 60 second warning about self obsession’.

The animation is part of the Character Selfie project that invites international designers, illustrators and artists to submit a self-portrait of their character taking snapshots of themselves for the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival. Check their Tumblr, there are already lots of fun artworks by various artists. If you’d like to submit your work, check the guidelines here.



[button link=”http://www.ignant.de/2014/02/26/a-warning-of-the-selfie/” newtab=”on”]Via iGNANT[/button]

Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That’s a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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