Vintage Photo Effect Tutorial in Photoshop.


If you sometimes wondering how to create a stunning vintage photo effect in Photoshop, this is the tutorial that you are looking for.

As you know, in the old times take a photo with a camera like a Polaroid gave to the photos a very peculiar coloration and appearance that in the actuality it’s seen as something nostalgic and very cool that’s why is simulated in several apps for photo edition with a lot of variations.

This time, I will show you step by step the way to create this effect in your photos without having to use an old-fashioned camera or something complicated like that, in this tutorial I will work with an easy but very nice example of vintage photo filter.

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Well, without beating around the bush, let’s start this tutorial.


Step 01.


Open the image that you want to edit in Photoshop. In my case, I selected an image from this source. Then you will add a new adjustment layer for editing the “levels” of the image.


Step 02.


The next to do is change the values of the levels settings double clicking on the layer thumbnail of the current adjustment layer as I show you above. This in order to increase the contrast of the image.


Step 03.


Now add another adjustment layer, this time, will be a “curves” one.


Step 04.


Double click on the curves adjustment layer thumbnail and then edit the preset of the red curve manually, creating a curved line like an  inverted “S” as I show you above.


Step 05.


Then edit the green curve in the same way of the red, but creating a concave form on the top right side.


Step 06.


And finally, customize the blue curve setting in a similar way that I did it.


Step 07.


Add a new adjustment layer for editing the exposure of the image.


Step 08.


Customize the presets of the exposure adjustments layer by double clicking on the layer thumbnail. Setup the values as is shown above to give to the image a pale effect.


Step 09.


Add a new color fill layer and in the emergent color picker window select a white color.


Step 10.


Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise to add a noise grain effect to the color fill layer.


Step 11.


In the pop-up window adjust the values and options as in the image above.


Step 12.


Set the blending mode of the noise layer to Soft Light to 50% of transparency.


Step 13.


Now add a new gradient fill layer.


Step 14.


In the Gradient Fill pop-up window change the style to “radial” and then click on the gradient picker.


Step 15.


The next to do is pick an orange-yellow gradient and delete the left orange color for getting a gradient from yellow in the left side to orange in the right, then adjust the opacity of the  yellow color to 50%.


Step 16.


Now change the scale of the gradient to 250% as I show you above.


Step 17.


Set the blending mode of the current layer to Soft Light.


Step 18.


In this step, we will embed a dusty grain texture that you can download from here, this should be placed above of all the existing layers and be scaled to fit the size of the canvas size.


Step 19.


Change the blending mode of the grain texture layer to “screen”.


Step 20.


Now go to the first layer in which is the main image and duplicate it.


Step 21.


Go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur for adding a lens blur to the copy layer.


Step 22.


In the pop-up window put the above image settings.


Step 23.


Then, go to the layers panel and add a layer mask to the copy layer .


Step 24.


Select the layer mask thumbnail and making use of a soft brush, paint in black the center of the layer, except the perimeter of the same as I show you in the image above.

Step 25.


We’ve done it! I must say that this is only a way to get this vintage effect in our photos, we can experiment with different adjustments either in the curves settings, the gradient colors or the texture layer to achieve cold or warm filters as we desired.

Finally, you can download the current demo preset file that I have worked on this tutorial in the link below.




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