Unusual Properties Around the World

When you think about purchasing your next property to add to your rental portfolio it is likely that it will have similar characteristics to that of your other properties. However, if you want to generate some more interest to your property portfolio then you might want to consider adding something a little different to your collection.

There are plenty of weird and wonderful properties out there so here is a quick round up of the strangest ones they have found at Just Landlords.


House on a Rock

First on the list is the house on a rock in Bajina Basta. This is located in Serbia in the River Drina. Yes it is in the river! In the river is a rock which in comparison to building foundations is relatively small and on that rock someone has built a property. It was designed and built back in 1968 and is completely isolated as it is surrounded by nothing but water. If you are an avid fisherman there is no better location!


Transparent House

Now we are pretty sure that you are unlikely to find many tenants willing to live in a home created completely from glass but it is still a pretty amazing creation. It is located in Japan and was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects and is the complete opposite to the concept of the traditional home. Traditionally, a home is a place you can go to for your privacy and spend some time without the rest of the world watching you. However, this home allows just that, everything is see-through! The property has been called House NA and not only is it transparent but it has also been made to resemble a tree! This is because rather than floors the property is divided into modules which can be reached in the same way as if you were jumping from branch to branch.


Converted Church

A few years ago church conversions became more and more popular and it was reported that there were over 500 conversions in London alone. Well the trend has spread and there is a great conversion in Utrecht in the Netherlands. In fact there are two in this area that have been converted by Zecc Architecten into very modern minimalist spaces. Since the 70s there have been a huge number of church closures as a result of the Victorians over building them. Converting them means that they are still well looked after and protects the heritage of the buildings.


The Tree House

There has been a tree house built in British Columbia, it is called Hemloft and is 3 miles from the nearest road not to mention the nearest home. Not only is it in a remote area but it is also built in a tree. The idea for the building came from Joel Allen and he crafted the egg shaped home himself. The property is perfect for those who are wanting a weekend getaway of a break from hiking. The best bit of all, to stay there is absolutely free as it is built in a national park, therefore no one actually owns it.

Byron Galan

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