“Thorncrest House” by Altius Architecture

Altius Architecture have designed the Thorncrest House in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

This new modern residence accommodates a family of 6 and their guests. Private spaces are arranged to allow for an open concept space with double height living room surrounded by a catwalk. Particular attention was paid to natural daylight exposure at the basement walk-out, easing its transition to grade via a sunken pool, deck and grass terraces. Shading is provided by deep roof overhangs and cantilevered volumes. The homes distinctive blue zinc cladding and spanish cedar accents create a unique street presence.




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Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That’s a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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