The Colorful Real Paint of Pawel Nolbert.

Pawel Nolbert is a Warsaw, Poland based Illustrator, Art Director and Graphic Designer who has a huge full-color style and that is the reason that when one sees their work simply can not stop to see them, it’s something beautifully hypnotic.

Nolbert has worked for big brands such as Google, Adobe, Nike, Verizon, Sony, Polaroid, Disney among other well-known.

His work is very diverse and includes advertising, branding, wallpapers for mobile operating systems, arts for video games and personal, non-commercial projects and artworks. Also he has international recognition after having mentions and interviews in print and digital publications such as Taschen “Illustration Now 3” book, Springer “Digital Da Vinci” book, Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, IdN Magazine, or Adweek Talent 100 (2012).

Among his best-known works are his artworks of real paint sculptures which are amazing and beautiful. Based on this concept, Nolbert has developed several collections, such as “Atypical” and “Objective” and others designed for Squarespace, Adobe, Wired Magazine and The New Republic Magazine which are made with thick strokes and bright colors with a half realistic style which makes them look 3D. Works that we show and highlight in this publication.


Atypical series




Objective series


The New Republic Magazine – Ampersand



25 Years of Adobe Photoshop – Dream On



Squarespace – Build it Beautiful


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