Stamp Effect Photoshop Tutorial + 3 Free Actions Included.

Hello friends, it’s nice to greet you again, this time I will bring to you a small but very useful tutorial for Adobe Photoshop that I hope you like.

It’s about to how to get the stamp effect in few steps, and apply it to any object you want including hand-drawn lettering on any text or monochromatic vector, In this example I’ll use hand-drawn lettering, the final results will be a very cool typographic design with a full professional  appearance and the best of all is that is totally free

Step 1.

The first thing that we will do is to place the text (or any image you want) which will apply the effect in a new layer over a white background in a different layer, of course. It’s important to make sure that the text is completely black before to continue, if so, we will duplicate the layer that contains our text, for this, we do right click on the text layer and select Duplicate Layer from the options menu that will appear.


Step 02.

The next step is to rasterize the new copy of the text main layer doing a right click on the copy layer and selecting Rasterize Layer and then hide the original layer by the eye icon beside to the layer name. (If Rasterize Layer option is disable is because is already rasterize, you can skip this step)

Step 03.

Now we will add a gaussian blur clicking in the main menu the option Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur and selecting a radius of 0.3 pixels as I show you below.

Step 04.

Well, the next thing is add another filter, this time will be Mezzotint, a filter that give a grainy effect to our text, for that go to Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint then picking out the “Fine Dots” type option.


Step 05.

Again, right click on the layer in which we are working and select Blending Options, then add a Inner Glow and define similar values for the following settings (you can experiment with them).



Step 06.

We will rasterize the layer style (Blending Options) with a right clicking and choosing Rasterize Layer Style.


Step 07.

Go to Select in the main menu and click on “Color Range”, let the default settings as appear and clicking OK, once selected the white color areas in the text press “delete” in your keyboard, this will erase these areas.


Step 08.

Duplicate the original and non-edited layer one more time and take it to the top.


Step 09.

Rasterize the new layer.


Step 10.

Right-click on the new layer and choose Blending Options for adding an Inner Glow, this time with the setting values below.


Step 11.

Rasterize the layer styles in the new layer.


Step 12.

Select the two layers in which we have worked and then right clicking on these select Merge Layers.

Step 13.

With the layer which results of the merging selected, go to Select in the above menu and picking out Color Range, in the same way in that we did it this before, only clicking OK and then pressing “delete” in our keyboards for erasing the white areas.


Step 14.

Now we will to right-clicking the layer and choose Blending Options for adding a Color Overlay with the following settings.


Step 15.

As you can see, our text is now invisible, this is because the white background, so we will place an image allowing us see our text with a cool stamp texture effect as if by magic.



Now your typographic design it should look similar to this.



Do you like my little Photoshop tutorial but are you looking for doing this in a more easy way? Well, I invite you to download this effect in a automatized action in three different grain weights.



Download here.



Instructions for run the action: 

01. After to install the action set, create a new document in Adobe Photoshop of your desired size.

02. Without deleting the “Background” layer, place your design in a new layer above this, it’s very important that your design is 100% black color for the right working of the action.

03. Select the layer in which are your design and go to the “Actions” panel, display the set of actions and click one of the three variations, you can choose from fine, medium or thick for the weights of the grainy points, then press the “Play selection” button in the bottom of the panel.


Real demo of the action.

This is a demonstration of the three variations of the actions includes in the set applied to a real hand-lettering.




Letterpress Fine.


Letterpress Medium.


Letterpress Thick.


“Submarine” hand-lettering courtesy of Astro The Artist.


Well, that’s all for this time and I really hope that you have enjoyed this post, stay aware for our next tutorial.





Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Hire me for a job or visit my portfolio:

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