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This post is part of our new regular series of posts showing the most incredible artists around the world selected by some of the youandsaturation’s writers and users – we call it Showturation.

Some weeks ago, we featured one project from ARE WE DESIGNER on our blog. We got really hooked on their style and ideas, so we decided to invite them to make this interview. Hope you enjoy! Leave us your opinion via the comments below.

For more information check out their site, projects on or follow them on Twitter @AREWEDESIGNER.

First of all I would like to thank you for doing this interview. Could you introduce your team to our readers and how you fit into the world of design?

As written all over the Internet: ARE WE DESIGNER is an award-winning Rock’n’Roll graphic design and UX studio with four lovely people and no Facebook account.

The design world is filled with people like us. People who are not afraid to be different or think different. We love to create things for people and their environment, often combined with the goal to simplify things and effect positive emotions. Even though we focused on Graphic- and User Experience Design we see our profession as an interdisciplinary and holistic one. Everything is just a piece of a puzzle.


What’s the best thing about working on your business and what is the worst? Why?

There are many “best things”… Not only being allowed but often being asked to act as a free thinker is one of the best. But also learning so much about other matters, meeting so many different people, traveling, working in iterative processes and wearing the clothes you like most (even though they are not always appropriate). We are really blessed with what we do, and we know it.

The worst thing? If coffee is empty. And realising that a designer always is a service provider. At the end it is your client who decides and not you yourself. Sometimes this is really hard, because your decision would have been so different.

What do you feel are the most important skills for a designer to have/develop?

We don’t need to talk about standards like Adobe CS, Mac OS X, Excel and stuff like this, right? One important skill is to start with WHY. Curiosity is our everlasting engine. Designers often fight with the prejudice that they just put some paint on everything. But design is much more and you as a designer can transport this by asking the right questions. A designer shouldn’t do things just because it looks good.

But to put it short – here is our list: Be curious, be friendly, be open, be hard-working, be ambitious, be a keen thinker, be a good dancer, be silver-tongued, be a good presenter, be funny, be intelligent and be passionate about the things you do. If you are missing one of those things, just learn it.

What are your plans for the future; any new projects?

We are working hard to get our new website online, but sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass.  But you know, all great creatives need a little struggle in their lifes. But we have entered home stretch and see light at the end of the tunnel. Since we realized that our business often is a kind of reaction to incoming requests we decided to take matters into our own hands. We don’t have any clue how to do that yet, but we are confident of finding the right way.

How’s your workflow for your projects? How would you break down your workflow in steps?

First of all we always want to impress ourselves! So no matter what, we are looking for a new and inspiring solutions. We love to combine unseen topics to get a strong result. This is not the easiest way we admit, especially because we are aware of life being exactly as said in Pixar‘s Ratatouille: „The new needs friends.“ Fortunately we are some friends and most of the time our clients go all the way with us.

Regarding the process many times our starting point is research and thinking. After everyone has done this, we bring everything to table and start talking about it, exchanging thoughts and perspectives. Then we start coming up with ideas – sometimes good ones, sometimes wired ones (always our favourites). A teacher once taught us never to use the word “but” while brainstorming. It is really tough to follow this advice, but it is always worth it. After we found our idea the process is always different, because the idea is, too. That’s why we don’t have concrete steps for our workflow. Our advice at this point – don’t stick to strict rules if they are not needed.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The secret is: We can see the treasure inside everything. Everything is inspiration if you open yourself to it. The best inspiration comes from exploring the world with curiosity, amazement and eyes wide open. The most interesting ideas come from things or situations you never would have thought they might be inspiring. Funny, right? Our experience shows us that we shouldn’t do things just because we expect them to be inspiring. So, surprise yourself!

Do you have any advice for those who are starting out their career?

Be besetting – trust your gut feel – think positive – Kick asses!

And finally, are you happy with your work and what you do?

We are fucking blessed!

Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That's a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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