With spring finally here, the onset of rain is inevitable. But some of us don’t see rain as a bad thing, especially Peregrine Church and his two co-conspirators, Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider. Their project Rainworks, based in Seattle, also known by many as the Rainy City, uses a product known as Always Dry. Peregrine creates stencils and then sprays on the Always Dry. The magic happens after the spray dries and when it begins to rain. As Peregrine states, “We make rainworks to give people a reason to look forward to rainy days! It’s going to rain anyway. Why not do something fun with it?”

So next time it rains, think about all the possibilities you can do to make it a better day! Check out the video and photos of this unique work.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBwpON6HIR8]

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For more information visit the Rainworks site: Website | Twitter

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