Last Minute Gift Guide for Designers 2015

We’re at the doors of closing the year, is the perfect time to show love to the people you care about. And of course, is very likely that the people you love are as geeks as you are as designer. If you don’t know a single hint of what to give here are a few ideas.

AGS Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard & Mouse

Like a futuristic hologram, this is a very useful device to facilitate the written on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, laptop or tablets, this would surely a great gift for those designers who don’t like the keyboard on the touch screen.



Satechi USB Hub

The limitations of the USB ports in a MacBook usually is a really annoying problem, because we need to connect some devices at the same time, but we can’t, well, that problem it’s over when we have one of these amazing USB hubs.



Wireframe Ugmonk Tshirt

Why not give something with a lot of style like this T-Shirt inspired in that quote very known by the designers. Available in different sizes and colors.




Burning Love Desk Pad

Elegant and comfortable are words that well described this accessory with which surely you will please to that designer.




Cube: Capture Any Color On Any Surface

Do you imagine see a lovely color in any object and to copy it for use in your computer? Well, that’s possible with this gadget which allows sampling any color of our environment.




IPad Pro

You know what this device is able to do and is for that why this can be the perfect gift for that special designer in the holidays, there are many uses that could give it.




Apple Pencil

If the case is that person already has an iPad, this could be the perfect complement for it because this accessory will allow sketch and make use of multiple apps specially created for designers.




Moleskine Journal

A classical thing often used by the majority of designers and with which without doubt you will always please someone.


UO Smart Beam Laser Projector

This gadget is simply amazing, if I were to choose I’d pick this because with this mini projector is possible to see 720HD projection of your favorite movies, TV Shows or any video, connecting it to a smartphone,  laptop, tablet or PC connected via HDMI port and also wireless using Miracast or DNLA.





Touchscreen Gloves

For this time of winter, these wearables are ideal for the tech lovers who want to be able of using their devices despite the cold.




Pantone Coffee Mug

This doesn’t require too much explanation, any designer will be very happy with one of these mugs available in different colors.




Helvetica Movie DVD

A really great documentary movie that worth to have in DVD for watch it again and again, highly recommended.




Bamboo Spark

For those designers who always need carry a sketchbook, this could be the perfect gift because not only they will be able to sketch their ideas but also digitizing it automatically through the smart pen.




B&O BeoPlay H6 Bronzed Hazel headphones

Fashion, elegant and luxury over-ear HD headphones adjustable and ergonomic for those creatives who are dedicated to the multimedia production or simply love listen to music while they work.




Lifta Desk Organizer

A simple but very useful product that lets you to having a place to store the peripherals and keep the desk tidy.




Battery Box

It’s terrible when the battery of your computer or mobile device is discharged, especially when this happens in the moment in which we most need it, but that problem will be a thing of the past with this great gadget.




Anti-Fatigue Mat

This simple accessory avoids the fatigue in foot and  knee to those designers who stay standing for long periods  of time.




The Instax Printer

Print photos anywhere and anytime it’s possible with this portable printer similar to an instant camera but with the difference that you can add filters before to print it.




Under-The-Jack Pack

With this ultra-slim laptop bag, you can carry a laptop without to have to worry for walking with this long distances every day because you can hide this under a jacket or hoodie.



Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Hire me for a job or visit my portfolio:

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