Infinite Scrolling and Responsive Website Design

When you are setting up a business it is obligatory nowadays that you have a website, the first thing that anyone will do when they hear about your brand is “Google” you and if you aren’t there that is likely to be where their search stops. So it is without a doubt that you will need a website. Not only this, but it has to be eye catching, user friendly and informative. Without these things then there really is no point in having a site; consumers won’t be able to learn about your business or see what products or services you offer. Worse still, if it is too complicated to navigate they will get frustrated and leave for a competitor’s site.

Recently there have been some new hot trends within the website design world including infinite scrolling and responsive websites. For those of you that are not familiar with these terms Fluidata have given us a quick breakdown and what you need to do to keep your business safe online.


Infinite Scrolling

First things first, infinite scrolling is quite literally what it says on the tin. It is where the web page will keep loading content as long as you are scrolling down. Now there are some advantages and disadvantages as with anything but you really need to consider what is on the page as this will determine how appropriate infinite scrolling is and you also need to take into account your target audience. If the page is loading content for informational purposes, infinite scrolling is likely to be frustrating whereas if you are a retailer, infinite scrolling might be beneficial.


Responsive Design

Next is responsive website design. We now have many devices from smart phones to tablets all of which come in different shapes and sizes. You also need to consider the device that the consumer is using may also reflect what social situation they are in and therefore how they are going to react and interact with your website. This is where responsive website design comes in, you can adapt your website depending on the device that is being used and therefore what content you show them.


However, neither of these options are going to work well if your site has a slow loading speed. Everything today is available at the click of a button instantly and if your website isn’t meeting this standard then this will also cause your consumers to move to a competitor’s website. This means that you need to protect your website online to stop viruses or hackers from slowing down your website.

Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That's a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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