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Welcome to a new easy and useful Adobe Photoshop Tutorial, this time I’ll show you how to create a beautiful and gorgeous duotone photo effect in a few simple steps.

As you may have noticed, this effect is actually a whole trend in graphic and web design and you’ve probably already seen in some beautiful projects, well, this is your chance for getting this in a very simple way, so let’s start with this step by step tutorial, are you ready?


Step 01.

After opening the image that we will apply the effect, click on the “create new fill or adjustment layer” icon in the bottom of the layers panel, then select “Black White” for add a new adjustment layer.



Step 02.

Now we will add an another adjustment layer, this time it will be a “Brightness/Contrast” layer.



Step 03.

Then, double click over the Brightness/Contrast layer to access to the properties of the layer, establish a value in the Brightness adjustment of 52.



Step 04.

And now change the contrast value to -11.



Step 05.

Click on create a new fill or adjustment layer and select “Gradient Map” to add a new layer.



Step 06.

The new layer added contains the first default gradient that is in the gradients library of Adobe Photoshop, that’s why we will edit the colors of our gradient by clicking on this.



Step 07.

Now a dialog box will appear, in this we will edit the two colors of the extremes of the gradient, first, double clicking the lower left selector and then changing the color for a dark live purple similar to this #2c186e and next pressing “OK”.





Step 08.

Later, we continue with the right color of the gradient, we will change it in the same way of the previous, this time setting a magenta saturated color like this #f91f36.








Step 09.

This looks really good up to this point, right? But, still we need to enliven the colors of the image, this is why we will add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.



Step 10.

To end, modify the value of the saturation setting in +30.



And that’s it, these are the great results. It’s important to say that this is only a base for creating the effect, you can play with the colors and the setting values for getting different results.



Do you like our tutorial but you want an easier way to get this effect? Well, check out our totally free Duotone PSD file with five different presets of colors and it’s very easy to use.





Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Hire me for a job or visit my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/sephlopez

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  • Ryan Eldridge

    Really loving these tutorials! As a novice graphic designer these have been very helpful for developing my skills. Keep them coming!