Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Read my serial novel on

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  • Olivier Hamphrey

    The tutorial is very detailed and understable. Many thanks!

  • I was searching for an easy to learn tutorial on double exposure effect in Photoshop, I guess this is one of the most easiest tutorial on this. Thank you so much. Now let me try this on other image, actually I get confused on initial stages, hope this time I am going to make it happen.

  • Thank you Seph Brand for your beautiful tutorial. I’m going to apply it now.

  • nicely done very good mask tutorial.I am glad

  • Double expose will help to remove the background from the image in this way that single hair will not loss. Thanks for your excellent tips & information.