Designer Turns Hilarious Client Quotes Into Posters

If you produce work for other people, you would probably have heard of the saying that “the client is always right”—but is that really true?

To put further doubt on the validity of this often-quoted phrase, Bristol-based designer and creative director Jonathan Quintin of STUDIOJQ has embarked on a self-initiated project where he turned the hilarious things that some of his clients have said into colorful posters.

Most creatives would be able to relate to the frustration that comes with client work, and these posters put a comical spin on the everyday difficulties of dealing with clients who may not be all that tech or design savvy.

For instance, some clients may want to use a “fun font” like Comic Sans while others think that much of design work is about using the “copy and paste” option.

View the rest of these humorous posters below or head over here for more of Quintin’s portfolio.

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Byron Galan

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