A’ Design Awards & Competition — Winners of Package Design Category

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s leading international annual juried competition for design and are organised to highlight the very best designers from all countries. The prizes in the contest A’ Design Award & Competition were awarded in a variety of fields ranging from graphic design, package and marketing to architecture and interior design.

The ultimate goal of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to generate strong incentives for designers, companies and brands of all countries in order to reach the best products and services that benefit humanity.


Leuven Beer

LEUVEN Beer packaging
LEUVEN Beer packaging

Inspired by an ice bag, Leuven Beer Packaging takes a whole new direction in order to have our beer highly portable and unbreakable. This new design is unbreakable, cost less to produce, and lighter to carry, these are nice factors for delivery and production. The result is a beer packaging that utilizes 2 panels with velcros, holding those beers together securely when closed. Each carrying pack opens flat.

Designer: Wonchan Lee


Blue Goose

Blue Goose packaging Blue Goose packaging

Sid Lee developed the new brand identity and packaging design for Blue Goose, a Canadian organic and natural food brand that specializes in humanely raised beef, chicken, and fish products.

Designer: Sid Lee


Patakukkonen Rye Pie

patakukkonen rye pie packaging patakukkonen rye pie packaging

Patakukkonen is a Finnish traditional oven baked kukko (pie) made from regional ingredients. The brand was inspired by the owner grandmother’s cooking, which in turn prompted us to incorporate snippets of the actual family history through authentic photographs. The packaging allows the product to be merchandised 5 different ways, working around the challenge presented by the diverse environments where the product would be showcased and ensuring flexibility and visibility.

Designer: PACKLAB


PROfit Sport Drink

profit sport drink packaging

Jeff Klok, the lead designer of the awarded project PROfit Sports Drink said, “The new packaging for PROfit launched in early 2013 evolving the brand identity and concept from a standard container to a stand-alone iconic package that is aggressive, sporty, and modern. The packaging features a sport infused container with a highly reflective and clean label with ghosted attributes. Tying the two together is a hexagonal texturing feature on both label and container. ”

Designed: Jeff Klok




“In the world of spirits, METAXA is celebrated as the smoothest spirit under the Sun and is often a gift of choice. In the premium spirits industry, gift boxes are often made of metal, most commonly in rectangular or cylindrical shapes.

With METAXA On-Metal, the House of METAXA creates a metal showcase that is both curved and smooth, in an unusual shape, to echo the smoothness of the liquid. For this striking metal box, inspiration did not come from the metal box industry, but rather from metal techniques and finishes used in automobile production. The metal box is designed in such a way as to use the least possible metal. For example, the top integrates a waving design to avoid other designs that would require a second sheet of metal to ensure proper closure of the top.”

Designer: The House of Metaxa


KRYSTAL Nature’s Alkaline Water


“Inspired by pureness, KRYSTAL water is a gift from our mother earth; our design is intended to return nature’s bountiful favor by minimizing impact on the environment. With its water sourced from the pristine Lesser Khingan Mountains on the Chinese-Siberian frontier, KRYSTAL team decided to adapt a logo that resembles a Chinese red-ink stamp to manifest its image as a Water from the East.”

Designed: KRYSTAL


Jack Daniel’s


Luxury gift box for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey which is not only a regular box including a bottle inside. It is unique for its construction. Package is developed for not only great design feature but also for safe bottle delivering at same time. We can see throughout the whole box thanks to big open windows. Light coming directly through the box highlights the original color of the whiskey and purity of the product. Although the two sides of box are open, torsional stiffness is excellent thanks to its unique construction.

Designer: Kantors Creative Club


Frambois Bread Brand

package-design-awards-14 package-design-awards-15

The packaging for the artisan french bakery Frambois was influenced by fantasy, romance and French architecture. The tones, colours and lines have been used to illustrate a sense subtle authority and Parisian lifestyle, while communicating warm fresh baked bread feel. While the new packaging reduced packaging cost by 30%, it also showed more of the product than any other brand on the market. Obvious or subtle, innovation comes in many different forms.

Designer: PACKLAB



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  • Register to competition and submit your works here: adesignaward.com/registration.php
  • For further information please visit: whatisadesigncompetition.com
  • The deadline for submission is February 28, 2015 and results will be announced to the public on April 15, 2015 when the award winners’ exhibition starts.

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