Cool Lettering Made With Food.

Actually, there are so many ways to create hand-lettering, We’re talking about of a lot of materials and endless possibilities , this is great because the hand-type artists have a plethora of choices to capture and materialize their ideas.

This time I want to address a very creative and tasteful (literally tasteful) hand-lettering style, I mean the food lettering, an experimental trending technique that has led the typography to another level of novelty and taste.

There are more and more artists on the web who experiment with this versatile practice, either crafting them with new ingredients, mixing them or even cooking them like real chefs of the lettering.

Among the ingredients used for the making of food lettering (at least those that have been successful and don’t result in culinary disasters) are coffee grains, chocolate, bacon, bread, spices and honey to name a few, but the reality is we could try made it with any food that comes to our minds that is malleable.

So, I have collected some of the better food hand-made lettering artworks for you. Enjoy it!


Side by Side.

Designers Dave Greasley and Oliver Booth are the main members of “Side by Side”, a creative studio with some great ideas and projects like this campaign created for Sainsbury’s, a very important chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom in which they made use of different ingredients for creating analog food typography.


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Marmalade Bleue.

Danielle Evans is a Columbus, Ohio based artist who is dedicated to the lettering, mainly of the food and dimensional type in which we can see she transforms common food items into extraordinary and amazing lettering artworks. She has a lot of hand-made letterings among which are so many manufactured with food. This looks so delicious, right?

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Victoria Black.

Victoria Black is a graphic designer and letterer native to Brooklyn who experiments with different lettering styles either digital or hand-made like this elaborated with chocolate chips below.


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Rachel Beatty.

Rachel Beatty is an Orem, Utah based graphic designer specializes in print design, brand development and lettering, she has created this pretty lettering with a lot of little seeds.


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Becca Clason.

Becca Clason is a freelance lettering artist, designer, and stop-motion animator who gives live to her projects through the handcrafting typography using food, products and other items. As we can see, her artworks contain very assorted ingredients ranging from oat to chopped vegetables which have become in amazing letterings.

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Allison Supron.

The graphic designer Allison Supron also has created a series of experimental type among which we can found some delicious food lettering like these crafted with hot dog toppings and the other one with carving cheese.

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Zach Higgins.

A freelance graphic designer specialized in illustration and hand-lettering author of this cool food lettering made with crumbs.


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Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Hire me for a job or visit my portfolio:

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