Coffee or Tea?

It’s Monday and for most of us, it means it’s the start of the work week. No matter how productive or unproductive our weekends were, come Monday we are in zombie-mode, groggy, slow, and in need of a pick-me-up. To answer that calling, most of us turn to either coffee or tea to start our mornings. Sometimes all it takes is the aroma to wake us up or the taste of toasty perfection. Whether you like your coffee black, sweet, with or without cream, or how you like your tea, everyone has different tastes.

Here are some package designs for your Monday morning!


Novel Tea

001 002




DEPTH Home Goods

003 004




005 006 007 008 009




010 011 012 013 014




015 016 017



Mr Ego Coffee & Tea

018 019 020 021

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