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Many people often confuse the word brand. Your brand is much more than a name or logo. Brand consists of the experience that a company creates with it’s employees, vendors, communities, public relations, and customers. Your brand is the feeling/image that a customer gets when introduced.

Brand identity is very important to any company as it represent it’s business in visual identical manner.

Today, we are sharing ten examples of branding guide and inspirations that will help designer to create good corporate identity for any business.


Ashford & Ashford

Ashford & Ashford’s mark holds great symbolic importance to the company as a whole. Two main ideas founded the mark. The first: to create a very structured mark to convey stability, credibility, and legality. The second idea was to use an underlying organic feeling in order to communicate reliability, approachability, and accessibility.
Designed by Ghost | Country: United States


F. Ménard

F. Ménard is a family hog breeding and processing business. The company, which was founded 50 years ago by Fulgence Ménard, is managed today by his children and grandchildren. F. Ménard has more than 1,000 employees and produces 20,000 pigs/hogs per week which makes the company one of the largest pork suppliers in Quebec.  The company exports the majority (65%) of its production to countries around the world including Australia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United States.
Designed by lg2boutique | Country: Canada



New identity for an international agency representing artists. The name evokes Spanish films from the nineteen fifties and is complemented by an image, typography, compositions and materials that recall imagery from the “golden age” of film.
Designed by Tipos Gráficos | Country: Spain


N. Daniels

This is the stationery design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. It’s simple, cool and thermo sensitive. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It’s a dynamic and living design – the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.
Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria



Shrewsbury. What does it make you think of? Destination Shrewsbury asked us and We All Need Words to create a brand identity that sums up what makes the town special and why people should visit it. The answer was ‘The Original One-Off’: a brand that showcases all the the town’s one-offs, big (Darwin was born there) and small (you can get a great loaf of bread near the station).
Designed by & Smith | Country: England


Zeichen & Wunder

The entire print communication, website and agency offices for brand and design agency Zeichen & Wunder have been completely redesigned. The slogan “Trust Your Senses” is the consistent element appearing on office equipment, in presentations, and as a light installation at the agency.
Designed by Zeichen & Wunder | Country: Germany


The Department

The Department is a modern studio with a traditional design background, and we believe that good design should be timeless, well crafted, and inspiring across all media. Our new business cards were letter pressed to convey the nature of the studio, and the concern for small details and craftsmanship. The card design is part of growing identity system, which actually began with The Department’s new website.
Designed by The Department | Country: United States


The Argonaut

Identity work for a fictitious upscale San Francisco hotel inspired by the San Francisco gold rush. The logo was inspired by the sails of a ship and the golden gate bridge, as well, the name “Argonaut” is a reflection of what gold seekers were once known as.
Designed by Dawson Beggs | Country: United States



With the use of yellow, ACRE wanted to feature our work as a collaborative harvest between us, our clients and our partners. We took a field as inspiration for our logo. Being an art collective of idea crafters, we have a preoccupation with measurement devices, preferring the old way of customization.
Designed by ACRE | Country: Singapore


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  • The F. Menard brand material is phenomenal work! In each of these examples, I felt the brand resonate in the authenticity of the design. Thank you for posting.