5 Facts You Must Know Before Choosing Graphic Design Career.

Hello friends, this time I want to give you 5 facts to recognize if you should study the career of graphic design, hope  this clear your doubts and dispel the urban myths around the Graphic Design.



1. Graphic design is not Art.

Designers do not create freely as an artist would do. Design solve problems and Graphic Design is not the exception. You have a specific brief that limit the boundaries of your canvas. Readability, color theory, stands out against competence and cohesive branding are examples of common factors designers take into account to make a logo or the whole identity of a company. Over the top of that, designers are subject of the desires and whims of clients.



02. Designers don’t become millionaires.

A graphic designer can annually earn an average of $48,000 in the USA, and can go up to $90k. But young people that are making road will start with less. Depends on yourself  to build an outstanding portfolio and be one of the top earners on Graphic Design Industry.



03. Not anyone can be a graphic designer.

It is a belief that knowing how to use Photoshop will guarantee you a job as a graphic designer. But knowing how to handle a brush won’t make you a Davinci. You have to apply theory, knowledge, experience.

A true designer never stops learning. If you want to stay current, you’re always learning design techniques, testing new software and surely for every new job you need to delve into design disciplines that sometimes you will not know.


04. It’s false that designers don’t have to interact with people.

We often have to deal with the clients concerns, their constant changes in the brief and not to mention the nonsense complaints.

Also the contact with sellers, entire departments of marketing, SEO experts, front end developers, colleagues, suppliers of all kinds and of course, CEO’s and even Board Directors.


05. Designers don’t spend their time drawing peacefully.

Ohh what about spend your evening in the park seeing the clouds seeking for inspiration and drawing your sketches with no deadline?. Sorry to tear appart your dreams but the reallity is far away from that, sometimes (almost everytime) your clients are in a rush and the deadlines are ridicously short (even back in time). A graphic designer usually draw to sketch main concepts which will then go to the computer. Customers seem to always be hurried, and you must expand your speed to work.

Graphic Design it’s not an easy career as many people think, there are not fairy tales or easy jobs. It requires creativity, passion, hard work and hustling.

If knowing all these facts you still think graphic design is your thing, then, it really is.


Seph Brand

Seph Brand

My name is Seph Brand, I´m a Freelance Graphic Designer from El Salvador specialized in branding design, hand-lettering and social media. Hire me for a job or visit my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/sephlopez

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