12 Free High-Quality Line Icon Sets

With the emergence of the flat design trend leading the way for the past year, thin line icon sets have been increasingly popular. We all love icons, especially those well designed, clean and minimalistic icon sets that seem to work just right in our layout. So it’s a good idea to have a good collection of icons at your disposal.

Today I share with you a collection of 12 simple and beautiful line icon sets that are great for mobile applications, websites and user interfaces. All icons are pixel perfect, fully scalable vector shapes released for public use.


FREE Continuos Line Icon Pack


112 Free PSD Icons


36 Chic Female Icons PSD


Simple Line Icons Webfont


Justicons: 140 Free Stroke Icons


Line Icon Set For UI & More


Free Hipster Icons


IOS 7-Inspired Line Icons


Iconset [PSD]


Weather Icons


Line Icon Set For UI


Minimal Outline Icons Freebie


Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That’s a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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