Byron Galan

Byron Galán is a graphic designer from El Salvador who founded Betype a other graphic design related Tumblr blogs gathering more than 400k followers. That's a lot blogs for a single person but with a lot of passion is possible.

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  • Bradley W

    Wow, thanks for the tips! I’m currently working on starting my own company right now, and I was really confused about my logo, and this helped a lot! Thanks!

  • Oliver Marcetic

    This is so great. Thank you. I’ll use it every time as a reminder.

  • Logan Yard

    This would be an excellent deck to start a logo/branding presentation.

    • Defenseman13

      not really

      • JGat

        Defenseman13, do have some kind of list of your own that you’re just dying to share? Or does your game consist entirely of denials?

  • JohnGaltUSA

    So does “less than 2 fonts” mean a perfect logo should only have one font? I think not.

    • Defenseman13

      I think so. A logo should never have more than one font. Even a full page ad shouldn’t really have more than two.

    • JGat

      The answer is yes.

  • Ira Strum

    I welcome all of you to see my logo that my partner and I put into practice in under 10 minutes after picking a domain name. …. http://www/

    • sss

      you can’t be serious

    • Defenseman13

      lol what? That font. Under ten minutes? So you sketched, did font/logo tests, researched your brand, and you shit this out in under ten minutes. Sorry to come off this harsh, but this is everything that design is NOT.

    • Ct


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  • Defenseman13

    Sounds like you don’t know anything about design.

  • Defenseman13

    Of course it does. Go to school on this or research it, retards.

    • JGat

      Thanks Defenseman13 ~ for such a comprehensive assessment. It displays the full range and quality of your point of view, as well as your advanced maturity level.

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  • mm

    What a load of shit! The person who put up this site knows nothing about design. An approved design might come in 2 steps, it might come in 100. No such thing as a formula to design anything.

  • OXA 69

    Good stuff, so glad to have stumbled upon this :D

  • CrossedBones

    Nice guidelines maybe… Certainly not the magic formula.

    • JGat

      That’s why they’re called “steps,” Adrien.

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  • Jim Miller


    So “does it work vertically” is an important point to consider. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a stacked version for vertical layouts. Many brands do. Just plan for it.

    Similarly, a good logo should work really small (business cards, web banners, etc) as well as large (signage).

    It should work in black and white as well as in color. If it has to rely on full color treatment to be recognizable or readable, it’s probably too complicated to start with.

    Another designer once said, “You should be able to draw it in the sand with your toe. If not, its too intricate”.

    Logos are like billboards for a brand. You should be able to read and recognize them from a distance at highway speed. Especially true for Brick and Morter applications, as customers driving down the street will need to do just that.

  • Great tips. Going to have to put that into my next logo design.

  • how about my logo design for my blogging website EBlogline

    • JGat

      They fact that the logo contains your EVL initials is entirely lost on everyone but you. Visually it looks like a sideways book. Is that the intention? Really doesn’t work as an effective logo.

  • Nice post with the logo. You can also get logo idea from

  • JGat

    ekv0 ~ The reason it sounds to YOU like they’re “pulling random stuff out of [their] ass, is explained in the first sentence of your post: You don’t understand what half of this [stuff] means. So why even comment?

  • Ricky Cook

    Great tips. Its very useful. Thanks for share.