10 Fantastic Examples of Parallax Website Design.

The web design trends have evolved greatly in the last years with interfaces designed to be more and more interactives and visually more delightful thanks to new amazing tools like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript 5 among others that have enhanced of infinite possibilities the web development through amazing design elements like the parallax scrolling which allow compliment the interface’s design with funny and engaging platforms that unfold while the user scrolls the window displaying great and interactive animations. Well, this is why this time we want to show you a list of the most amazing  sites with parallax scrolling user interfaces.


01. Robby Leonardi Interactive Resume. 

A wonderful interactive resume created as a video game in which when scrolling the little player´s character go ahead in the stage that contains the different info about the owner like skills, experience and contact in a really funny way.

01 02 03

(Source: Website)

02. Time4. 

Through animations and interactivity, this website shows the specifications and benefits that offer to their users. This is a great example of how we can give a nice tour to our costumers making use of a cool dynamic presentation.

04 05 06

(Source: Website)

03. Kit Kat 4.4 Presentation.

This is a very amazing parallax microsite created for the promotion of the new chocolate bar Kit Kat 4.4 allusive to the Android OS version with the same name. The site contents great animations that are played as we go down.

07 08 09

(Source: Website)

04. Social King Studio.

Parallax scrolling offers infinite possibilities to create beautiful and delightful portfolios to show the best of the artwork for creative agencies and studios like this.

10 11 12

(Source: Website)

05. Highway One.

This parallax site full of animations, illustrations and interactive elements gives a great experience for the travel lovers taking them through a wonderful virtual trip along California Highway One.

13 14 15

(Source: Website)

06. Letters, Inc.

An amazing site designed with a complex linear illustration that it will be drawing itself when we scroll down. This one-page site results very impressively.

16 17 18

(Source: Website)

07. Madwell Studio.

Showing us a simulated 3D view, this wonderful site takes the parallax scrolling to another level giving us the sensations of depth and perspective in a very tasteful way.

19 20 21

(Source: Website)

08. The Walking Dead Zombified.

Do you imagine anytime how is the process used to zombify an actor in The Walking Dead series? Well, this great site tell us how is the process to transform a normal person into a hungry walker through an interactive comic sequence that plays when we scroll the window.

22 23 24

(Source: Website)

09. Le Mugs.

A very delicious parallax scrolling animated site of a restaurant that contains a lot of cool transitions and animations that surprise us according to we down in the window.

25 26 27

(Source: Website)

10. McWhopper Proposal.

This site was created for a campaign that sought for uniting Burger King and McDonald’s in one same hamburger for one day, the cause: celebrate the peace day leaving the differences aside. The site shows us how the main both hamburgers of the fast food franchises are mixing resulting a new hamburger: the McWhopper.

28_ 29_ 30_

(Source: Website)


Seph Brand

Seph Brand

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